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String Dynamic Limited is a Hong Kong based technology company (graduated from HK Science park incu-tech program), Our team has rich experience in developing and applying  technologies for practical applications (including NGO, Universities, listed companies, multinational companies). We develop and provide technology education solution around fintech, robotics and smartcity, with innovative technology curriculum materials around the applications of AI, blockchain and data analytics for financial industry. We also provide consultancy and technology development service for companies and organizations.

Full range learning toolkit for coding and electronic

MIDbot® Coder
MIDbot® X Microbit

MIDBot Coder

MIDbot™ Coder is a breakthrough technology educational kit and course. It allows ordinary people to instantly understand principles of IT and computers. It is also a physical coding tool which can be seen, heard and touched. With Coder, users can carry out physical software design and programming. Physical programming transforms abstract programming concepts into intuitive physical puzzle construction so that they are more easily understandable.

MIDBot X Microbit Toolkit

When Micro:bit work with MIDBot, it could be a remote controlled car, robotic basketball player. This toolkit "MIDBot X Microbit" enhance Microbit with mobility, connectivity and portablity. Now it already applied to different school projects.

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InspireLab™An answer to S.T.E.M education

We aim at:

  • Simple but Flexible

  • Creating School based modular STEAM course

  • Inspiring students for creativity by various tools, technologies and software

  • Providing Courseware Design and Education Kits

  • Allowing students to experience innovative UI (user interface) with Somatosensory, hand gesture and voice

  • Exploring Theories and Applications

  • Learning in Play

Coder Course

For All Ages

MIDbot® Coder is a revolution of code learning. You do not need any computers or devices except a MIDbot® Coder. It is a movable code reader that reads a physical coding language called IDEO code. You can learn basic coding within 30 minutes. The way is very simple. The first step is making a linear track of codes. Then, the coder runs on the track and you can get the result.

Micro:bit Course Series

For Senior Primary to Junior Secondary

We worked together with different schools to provide training for students. The way of teaching is flexible, it could be project based or it could be series of lessons dedicated to their students' need. It could also be a teacher's training course to prepare teacher for STEM teaching.


We have many years experience to work with school. For any ideas or questions, welcome to contact us.


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For products and courses enquiry, welcome to contact us. We also provide R&D services and other STEM course teaching material.

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Our works

MIDbot Coder Experience Class@Dioces
Maker Faire Hong Kong 2015
Robot Workshop@ Tseung Kwan O Govern
Robot Workshop@TWGHs Mr & Mrs Kwong
Robot Workshop@ HHCKLA Buddhist Chan